Ruihang machinery for Chinaplas 2017 Guangzhou China

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As one of the world’s most famous exhibition of plastic.  Chinaplas holded in Guangzhou China June. We join this exhibition nearly every year. Nearly 40 countries and 3300 manufactures join this exhibition. Our position at Q05 booth.

In this exhibition we show our new bag making machine and blown film machine for T-shirt bags. The blown film machine with screw diameter #45. The output near 50 kg/hour with high quality film. For good quality we use Taiwan header and screw. For the good quality and output this machine win the high attention of customers. It is especially suitable for LDPE and to make t-shirt bags.

For our newest bag making machines. With yaskawa servo motor, it can make above 700 bag s every minute with two channels with very high stable performance. For this new model we release last year. Hundreds of this models have sold in China.


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